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Striving to help people conquer addiction and live an addiction-free life, without limits.

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Live an addiction-free life, without limits.
Hacking Your Addiction Live an Addiction Free Life Without Limits Book
The Ultimate Guidebook based
on realistic strategies to abolish
cravings, rewire new habits and
help anyone looking to quit their
addiction for good

Written by Former Drinker Stephen Brumwell — Clinical Nutritionist, Biohacker, Self-experimenter, Research fanatic and voracious self-taught writer

Hacking Your Addiction Live an Addiction Free Life Without Limits Book

As a Nutritionist, Biohacking enthusiast, self-experimenter, research fanatic and self-taught writer, I put the wheels into motion. I pulled from my previous experiences being hungover as all hell, dived deep into the literature and immersed myself in everything that could better help me understand the nature of addiction.

I wanted to help people really take control of their addiction, reset their cravings, unscramble their broken brain circuitry and use actionable strategies that work ten times better than anything else.

Former Drinker.

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